South Africa Chapter #80

Welcome to the South Africa Chapter of The O'Brien Clan.

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To get your copy of the Articles of Association, (Text or HTML). Download (save) or print out your copy.

To apply for Membership, click here and fill out the Membership Application form and press the Submit button.  I will forward the Membership form to the appropriate Chapter.

The Membership form may be emailed back to Host Needed.  A list of members will be sent to The O'Brien, on a quarterly basis, for inclusion into a master list of the O'Brien Clan.

Following is a list of current members of the Africa Chapter, of The O'Brien Clan.

Michael O'Brien

Kwa-Zulu Natal

Michael G. O'Brien Johannesburg
Pat O'Brien Mpumalanga
Elizabeth O'Brien Bloemfontein
Garth O'Brien Johannesburg
Gregory O'Brien Kempton Park
Rory Brien Gauteng
Barry Clarke Kempton Park
Gareth O'Brien Cape Town
Stephen O'Brien Cape Town
Duncan Breen Pretoria
Martin O'Brien Germiston
William Breen Pretoria
Ray Watts DSA
Alan O'Brien Vorna Valley
Michael F. O'Brien Johannesburg
Diane O'Brien Port Augusta


The O'Brien Clan Since 1997