New Zealand Chapter #14

rtarrow.gif (1023 bytes) The following list indicates local regions of The O'Brien Clan in New Zealand.
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Following is a list of current members of the New Zealand Chapter #14, of The O'Brien Clan.

Michael & Hazel O'Brien Upper Hutt
Maureen Read Paeroa
Lorrain Hughes Helson
Jeremy O'Brien Thorndon
Brian O'Brien Waipu
Mary Murray Auckland
Ross O'Brien Waipawa
Gloria Maynard Rangiora
Jill Murphy Whangaparaoa
Dianne Black Tauranga
Bernard O'Brien Wellington
Roger O'Brien Wellington
Michael O'Brien Auckland
Carol Randal Christchurch
Wendy Nuu Taumarunui
Theresa English Auckland
Pauline Clifford Chirstchurch
Roger O'Brien Auckland
Trevor O'Brien Napier
Michael Hart Orewa
Michael O'Brien Oamaru
Colin O'Brien Hamilton
Margaret Carroll Ngaruawahu=ia

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Point of Contact

Auckland (Volunteer Needed)
Bay of Plenty (Volunteer Needed)
Chatham Islands (Volunteer Needed)
Cook Island (Volunteer Needed)
Hawke's Bay (Volunteer Needed)
Nelson & Bays (Volunteer Needed)
Niue Island (Volunteer Needed)
Northland (Volunteer Needed)
North/Mid Canterbury (Volunteer Needed)
Otago (Volunteer Needed)
South Canterbury (Volunteer Needed)
Southland (Volunteer Needed)
Taramaki (Volunteer Needed)
Waikato (Volunteer Needed)
Wanganui (Volunteer Needed)
Wellington & Manawatu (Volunteer Needed)
West Coast (Volunteer Needed)


  • Jan:   Waipu Highland Games (Waipu, Northland, NZ)
  • Jan:  Turakina Highland Games   (Turakina, NZ)
  • Nov:  Auckland Highland Games and Gathering  (Remuera, NZ)