O'Brien Family Kilt

The O'Brien family tartan (ts2225r) seen here was registered by Edward (Ted) John O'Brien of Australia with the Scottish Tartan Society for use by all O'Briens around the world.   This is NOT the official Clan tartan.  This is a family tartan registered by an O'Brien for all O'Briens to use if they so desire.  Knowledge of the meanings of the colors, as listed below, are very important in the wear and use of the tartan at events.

To order a traditional Irish kilt, it is suggested that a saffron colored kilt be made for O'Briens as it is considered a more royal color. Any solid color is typical for Irish kilts. I have both but wear the saffron to the festivals.

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"O'Brien Family Kilt"

Color Meanings:

Two Red stripes - Represent the two victorious battles of Brian Boru:
978 A.D. - Brian Boru defeated the Vikings at Limerick.
1014 A.D. - Brian Boru defeated and lost his life to the Vikings at Clontarf.
Pale Blue stripes - Represent ancient Royal Blue.  This was one of the battle and court colours used by Brian Boru.
Gold stripes - Represent the trimming used for Brian Boru's battle and court colours.
Green background - Represents the modern Irish emerald green of the shamrock.
Saffron stripes - Represent the colour used in ancient Ireland dating from 2000 years ago.

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Please Take all Measurements in Inches

Arrangements have been made with an established kilt maker, Alexis Malcolm Kilts.  They can be contacted by clicking on the Alexis Malcolm Kilts logo above.  Kilt prices are comparable to other kilt makers.  Because this tartan is considered a 'Special Weave' by the Scottish Mills, an 8 yd (15 oz.) kilt will run about $490.00.  Price includes tie, belt loops and garter flashes.  Larger sizes will require 10% more per yard.
Order your kilt direct from Alexis Malcolm Kilts by clicking the logo above.  At Alexis Malcolm Kilts, select the 8 yard kilt you want and add to the shopping cart.   Complete the registration form.  When you get to the page that asks for credit card information, there is a comments section.  BE SURE to indicate you want the O'Brien tartan kilt (15 oz.) before you submit your transaction.  Alexis Malcolm Kilts will contact you if they have any questions.

Click here to determine measurements for your kilt.

Please allow up to 10-12 weeks for delivery.