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Desmond's Concise History of Ireland - by Jerry Desmond
Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation - By John O'Hart
History of Ireland - By Keating (Book I-II)  (Off Site)
St. Flannan, Patron Saint of the Dalcassians (Off Site)
Banners and Colors of the Dalcassians
Gaelic Irish Heraldry and Heraldic Practice
Munster Series:
  Tribes & Territories of Mumhan  (Off Site)
  Kings of Munster  (Off Site)
  Kingdom of Thomond  (Off Site)
  Annals for Munster  (Off Site)
  Baronies of Munster
Various Annals of Ireland:
Annals of the Four Masters  (Off Site Links)
Part I - 195 A.D.  (Off Site)
Part II - 903 A.D.  (Off Site)
Part III - 1172 A.D.  (Off Site)
Part IV - 1373 A.D.  (Off Site)
Part V - 1501 A.D.  (Off Site)
Part VI - 1589 A.D.  (Off Site)
Annals of Innisfallen
Book of Armagh
Annals of Ulster (431 A.D.)  (Off Site)
Annals of Ulster  (1202 A.D.)  (Off Site)
Annals of Ulster  (1379 A.D.)  (Off Site)
MAC CARTHAIGH'S BOOK (1114 - 1407 A.D.) (Off Site)
Connections from Dalcassian Families:
  Clan MacBrody - Hereditary historians to the families of the old territory of Thomond
  MacClancy - Hereditary Brehons to the noted O'Briens of Clare.
  MacCurtin - Served as ollaves to the O'Briens of Thomond.  Noted Poets, scholars and bards.
  Clan O'Davoren - Noted Brehon family in Co. Clare.  O'Davorens town (Cahermacnaghten) which was the site of their 'legal' school in medieval Ireland.
  Clan McDonnell - McDonnells of Thomond who served as bards to the O'Briens.
  Clan MacGrath - Hereditary Poets to the ruling O'Briens of the area.
  Clan O'Hickey - Hereditary physicians to the O'Briens in more ancient times.
  Clan McNamara - 'Hereditary Marshalls to the O'Briens'
  Clan O'Noonan - Hereditary wardens of St. Brendons church.
    Saint Brendan's Prophecy