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Sean Murphy, noted genealogist in Ireland, has officially submitted a report to the Board of Directors of the National Library of Ireland in Dublin, on Frederick James Carroll's claim to the Gaelic chiefship of Éile O'Carroll. Sean Murphy is the same person who exposed the fraudulent McCarthy Mor Chief in 1999.
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Exciting news! Clan O'Brien has attended 11 Scottish, Irish/Celtic festivals in California for the last ten years. This year the Clan O'Brien tent will only be attending four events (Woodlands, Livermore, Monterey & Pleasanton). This year will be the first year at Pleasanton, the largest Scottish event on the West Coast. Happily, Clan O'Brien will be the only recognized Irish Clan at these events.
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Clan O'Brien will be attending the Monterey Scottish Games at Toro Park between Salinas and Monterey, California this weekend (July 7-8). Stop by and visit us at the Clan O'Brien tent. The only Irish Clan attending events in central California.
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Hi everyone. I know it has been awhile since we had any activity. We have several new Clans that joined us. If you haven't noticed, we have a new look. Look around and let us know what you think.
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Clan O'Brien will be attending the Sacramento Valley Scottish Festival in Woodlands, CA on 29-30 April. Stop by and say hello. All Dalcassians are welcome at any of our Clan tents.
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Clan Healy will attend their first festival on 6 May at the Celebration of Celts in Chatham, NY. Stop by and say hello to Ed Healy.
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The O'Brien is scheduled for a CBS News interview to be aired on March 16 at about 7:30 am on the Early Show. He has also been contacted for a live interview on Friday with CNN. More details when available.
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The Clan of the DalgCais Mailing List has been added. This list is meant for those who wish to share histories, culture and research. It is considered a family mailing list as all Dalcassians are cousins. Enjoy.
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Just a reminder to all the Dalcassian Clans invited to the LA Irish Fair & Music Festival on March 11-12 in Pamonoa, California. Be sure to get your applications in early so planning is made easier. The Chief of the Dalcassians is the Special Guest this year. This is a great time to learn how to set up an Irish Clan tent and how we help all our Irish cousins learn about their heritage.
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A new dawn for the Dalcassian Clans. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!
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Besides the new website appearance, a DNA projects page has been added. Many Dalcassian Families are conducting DNA studies for their family name. Check to see if you family is involved. It would be interesting to see if any of the families are related through this DNA process.
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As a result of the voting by the Council of the Dalcassians in July 2004 on the Articles of Association, The O'Brien has been approached to represent all Dalcassians as their Hereditary Chief, as his ancestors have done for the last 1000 years.  See his acceptance here.
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The voting is in and the Clan of the DalgCais is Officially established. 
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On Sept 3-5 in Boulder, Colorado, the North American Gaelic Football and Hurling Teams will gather for their finals.  Usually this is held in places like Chicago.. but not this year.
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A heads up for Dalcassian Clans and members.  Check the Festival section for a list of festivals in your area.  Clans can get together at these festivals and have a great time.  A festival of note, the Long's Peak Scottish and Irish Festival at Estes Park, Colorado will be attended by two Irish Clans this year on Sept 9-12.  Clan O'Hannon and Clan O'Brien will have a Clan tent there for any and all Dalcassian members to stop by and visit.  This is one of the largest festivals in the country.  Because of planning and travel, notice is given now for people to plan on attending.  Check the Festival page for other festivals attended by Clan O'Hannon and Clan O'Brien.