Descendants of O'Brien

O'Brien DNA Project

The O'Brien Genealogies (Written in 1762 A.D.)

The descent of The Royal Family from The Kings of Ireland


The O'Brien Pedigrees

Connections from famous Irish Families:
  MacBrody - Hereditary historians to the families of the old territory of Thomond
  MacClancy - Hereditary Brehons to the noted O'Briens of Clare.
  MacCurtin - Served as ollaves to the O'Briens of Thomond.  Noted Poets, scholars and bards.
  Davoren - Noted Brehon family in Co. Clare.  O'Davorens town (Cahermacnaghten) which was the site of their 'legal' school in medieval Ireland.
  McDonnell - McDonnells of Thomond who served as bards to the O'Briens.
  McGrath - Hereditary Poets to the ruling O'Briens of the area.
  O'Hickey - Hereditary physicians to the O'Briens in more ancient times.
  McNamara - Hereditary Marshalls of Thomond.
  O'Noonan - Hereditary wardens of St. Brendons church.