Based on the International bestseller 'Lion of Ireland' by Morgan Llywelyn

Genre Drama/Action Adventure

Period 10th Century

Location Ireland

Brian Boru's story is rich in truth and legend. Out of the mist of the country's most violent age, a time when the Norsemen savaged and plundered Ireland at will, he emerged to lead his people too the peak of their golden era.

He was a warrior, and lover: Stronger, braver, and wiser than all other men- the greatest King Ireland has ever known.

His women were as remarkable as his adventures: Fiona, the druidess with mystical powers; Deirdre, the beautiful victim of a Norse invader's brutal lust; and Gormlaith, the six foot red haired Goddess of sensuality.

Set against the barbaric splendours of the tenth century, this is a story in which friends become deadly enemies, bedrooms turn into battlefields and a father and son become strangers unto themselves. Finally together, at the battle of Clontarf, the bloodiest in Irish history, their love and their dreams of glory are truly fulfilled.

Braveheart and El Cid meet The Vikings

Estimated budget 40 - 50 million $

Market International

Target audience Teens to late thirties.

Synopsis and novel available

Roy Heayberd Creative Director
Suzanne McAuley Business & Finance Executive


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