Book of Armagh

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In the lower right corner of this page in the Book of Armagh it says in Latin:


As I am told, it means something like "so and so write this in the presense of Brian Emperor of the Irish, although I think "Scotorum" refered to all the "Scots" or Celts throughout Ireland and western Scotland. 

Another inscription records a brilliant bit of real politic by a consumate statesman. Brian Boru gives his political support for the eclesiastical primacy of Armagh over all other Irish Churches, especially Cashel, and in return the Church confirms his title "Emperor of the Irish."

"In the monestary at Innisfallen there lived, in the days of Brian Boru, a remarkable scolar, by the name of Maelsuthain O'Carroll who enjoyed the honour of being confessor and personal secretary to the Irish High King." In 1005 Brian Boru visited Armagh and had O'Carroll write the following into the Book of Armagh:

"St. Patrick, going up to heavan, commanded that all the fruit of his labour, as well as baptisms, as of causes and of alms should be carried to the Apostolic City, which is called Scotice (in Gaelic) Ardd Macha."

It is also found in the Book of the Scots.  'I, Calvus Perennis (Maelsuthiain, Bald forever) have written this in the sight of Brian, Emperor of the Scots; and what I have written, he has determined for all the Kings of Macerim (Stone Fort, Cashel)'.