President and Mrs. Bush visit Dromoland Castle,
homeland of the O'Brien Clan.
26 June 2004.

President and Mrs. Bush arrived at Shannon Airport, Co. Clare on 25 June 2004 and were transported to Dromoland Castle.


On 26 June Sir Conor O'Brien and Lady Helen hosted a ladies lunch for Mrs. Bush at their home, Thomond House located some 200 yards from Dromoland Castle.  Daughters Hon. Slaney and Hon. Lucia attended.  After the luncheon, a copy of the Historical Memoires of the O'Briens were presented to the First Lady and her husband from all members of the O'Brien Clan worldwide.

Sir Conor, Lady Helen and family then accompanied Mrs. Bush down to the press conference near the lake and after that were presented to the President himself.  On behalf of all O'Briens, Sir Conor welcomed the President and Mrs. Bush to our homeland and to Dromoland in particular.

President Bush was most appreciative of the welcome and photographs were taken with him and the first lady.

The visit was a great success and has certainly put Dromoland on the map.

More information will be added when received.